Are you tired of endless emails and gatekeepers blocking your path to lucrative school and district contracts?

Dream of landing lucrative school and district contracts with ease?

PitchEDU Marketplace Connect is your Shark Tank moment in the school and district marketplace where you bypass the red tape and pitch directly to district leaders for your chance to land 4, 5, and 6-figure contracts.


We Cut Through the Red Tape and Ignite Your School & District Pitch and Sales Process

Here at PitchEDU Marketplace Connect, we're more than just a brokerage firm – we're your K12 school and district sales strategists and access point.

We understand the frustrations of navigating the complex world of school and district pitch and sales process. Endless emails, bureaucratic roadblocks, and unclear decision-making processes can leave even the most innovative solutions lost in the shuffle.

That's where we come in. We offer a comprehensive suite of services and direct access to school and district leaders designed to transform your education sales strategy and land those coveted contracts:


This program is FOR YOU if:
- You have a groundbreaking solution ready to revolutionize schools and districts.
- You're frustrated by the traditional, time-consuming pitch process.
- You crave direct access to decision-makers who hold the purse strings.

PitchEDU Marketplace Connect is NOT for those who:
-Are content with the slow and uncertain path of traditional sales.
- Lack a polished pitch or haven't honed their value proposition.
- Fear getting feedback – we believe in constructive criticism for maximum impact!