Created on Purpose
is a book of guided prayers for women seeking clarity on God’s purpose and desire to live purpose-driven.


God created everything on this earth for a reason—including you. Your presence is no accident; it is tied to your destiny. God's purpose for you is etched within your heart, and He is waiting for you to uncover all that He has called you to do and be to advance His kingdom. I wrote Created on Purpose to help women like you discover the purpose God has designed especially for you so that you may lead a life that is heart-aligned and joy-filled.

Prayer Challenges
Days of Prayer
Case Studies


Ready For A Challenge?

This book is divided into four sections with thirty-five days of prayers and three prayer challenges.

Within each section, you’ll find Scriptures, A Prayer, Reflection Questions, and Purpose Declarations.


God’s word will help you center and focus your thoughts on what Scripture says about His preferred plans and purpose for your life.


Prayer was created by God for His purpose and is the vehicle used to accomplish His will on the earth. When we humbly go to God and submit our will to Him, it opens our hearts to hear from and receive His plans and purposes for our lives.


This section includes questions designed to help you think about the prayer and write down your thoughts about how it applies to your life. I encourage you to spend time jotting down your thoughts in this book, a journal, or the notes section of your smartphone. This process will help you personalize your experience.

Purpose Declaration

This section will provide you an opportunity to speak your intentions out loud. You must remember there is power in the words you speak (Proverbs 18:21). These declarations will help strengthen your belief in God’s word and build your faith.

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It was such a pleasure to read, that I couldn't wait and started reading it all over again. The prayer challenges in the middle of the book really helped me grow my relationship with God.
Brittney Murray
CEO of Mogul Behaviour