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Leveraging our exclusive proprietary framework, RPU empowers educators and organizational leaders to elevate student outcomes, increase leader effectiveness, and optimize operational efficiency.

Our dedicated team of highly skilled consultants collaborates with schools, districts, and county offices to create a pathway to transform their education system. This journey involves identifying key challenges, implementing high-priority reforms, and aligning practices for tangible, results-driven improvements.

We are committed to tailoring custom solutions meticulously crafted to your organization's unique needs and goals.

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Our Vision

RPU's focus is on leading the way in reshaping the educational landscape, fostering a future where every school, district, and county office operates at its highest potential. We envision a world where our innovative strategies, data-driven insights, and unwavering commitment to excellence empower K-12 leaders to create lasting, positive impact on students' lives.

Our Mission

At RPU, our mission is to guide and empower educational leaders, institutions, and organizations on their transformative journeys. We are dedicated to providing innovative consulting services, leadership development training, and data-driven support that enable our partners to excel inside and outside of the classroom. We are committed to delivering tailored solutions that address the unique challenges and aspirations of each educational entity, fostering improved student outcomes, operational efficiency, and effective leadership.


We empower school, district, and county leaders to reach their highest level of success with deep, practical expertise, and solutions.



We deliver results: Better practices, better strategies, and foster a broader vision for K-12 institutions and organizations, all driven by our commitment to excellence.  

About Me

Meet Dr. Vernell, CEO of Relentless Pursuits Unlimited, an entrepreneurial and educational consulting firm that delivers world-class consulting and coaching services to empower school leaders in accelerating results and attaining organizational excellence.

With over two decades as a school district leader, higher education professional, and K-12 school counselor, Dr. Vernell coaches district, school, and county leaders across the nation.  Her expertise lies in devising and implementing strategic approaches to operationalize college readiness systems, improve student outcomes, elevate leader effectiveness, and optimize operational procedures.

Dr. Vernell’s presence extends to her significant contributions as a member of various local and national boards and foundations, as well as her active participation in statewide and national steering and advisory committees focusing on technology, college admissions, college preparedness, and financial aid.  Her scholarly work has garnered recognition, with publications featured in esteemed academic journals, and her insights have made an impact in the press, further solidifying her reputation as a thought leader in the education sector.


Empowering Leaders and Inspiring Student Success with Comprehensive Solutions

What We Do

RPU offers tailored services for educators, including customized leadership development, coaching, and strategic planning to drive positive change within educational institutions. Additionally, our holistic approach encompasses social-emotional learning, school counseling, mentorship, and postsecondary success initiatives.

We specialize in creating leadership programs that address the most current leadership challenges and opportunities. Our customized training and workshops cover trending leadership topics, equipping educational leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles. Our executive coaching and mentorship programs support aspiring leaders on their journey to excellence, incorporating the latest leadership trends. Additionally, we provide strategic planning and organizational leadership support, ensuring your institution is prepared to navigate complex challenges and drive positive change in line with the latest educational standards.

  • Leadership program development for educational leaders
  • Customized leadership training and workshops
  • Executive coaching and mentorship for aspiring leaders
  • Strategic planning and organizational leadership support

At RPU, we’re at the forefront of promoting students’ emotional well-being through our innovative SEL support services. Our offerings include cutting-edge, tailored SEL programs and curricula designed to meet the evolving needs of your educational institution. We offer engaging professional development opportunities for educators, ensuring they are well-equipped to implement the latest SEL practices effectively. Our data-driven assessments provide valuable insights to enhance students’ emotional health and create a positive and inclusive learning environment.

  • Tailored SEL programs and curriculum development
  • Professional development for educators on SEL implementation
  • Data-driven assessment and strategies to enhance students’ emotional well-being

Our commitment to school counseling excellence is backed by a lineup of trendy and impactful workshops and training topics. We collaborate closely with K-12 educational institutions to develop and enhance school counseling programs aligned with the latest best practices. Our training and workshops empower school counselors with skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. We provide personalized, student-centered counseling support, and our college and career readiness counseling services are designed to guide students through the dynamic landscape of postsecondary education and careers.

  • Strategic advancement of school counseling programs
  • Data-driven professional development and workshops for school counselors
  • Targeted college and career readiness counseling

Preparing students for success beyond K-12 is a cornerstone of our services, which include forward-thinking topics in college readiness. We provide cutting-edge college readiness workshops and training designed to equip college readiness teams with the most relevant skills and knowledge. Our financial aid and scholarship counseling services leverage the latest resources to ensure students have access to valuable financial support. We guide staff through the rapidly evolving college application and admissions process, providing personalized support that aligns with contemporary admission standards. Our commitment extends to monitoring and supporting postsecondary success, incorporating the latest retention strategies to ensure students thrive in an ever-changing educational landscape.

  • College readiness workshops and training
  • Financial aid and scholarship counseling
  • Guidance on college applications and admissions
  • Monitoring and support for postsecondary success, including retention strategies

At RPU, we recognize the importance of mentorship in shaping young minds, and our programs are infused with contemporary mentorship approaches. Our focus extends beyond mentorship, emphasizing student engagement and leadership development with workshops that align with current youth interests and aspirations. We systematically monitor and evaluate these initiatives to measure their impact on students’ personal growth and academic success.

  • Design and implementation of effective mentorship programs
  • Mentor training and support
  • Student engagement and leadership development
  • Monitor and evaluation of mentorship initiatives

Challenging Inequities, Examining Biases, and Cultivating Safe, Inclusive, and Culturally Responsive Environments.

  • Equity assessment and audits
  • Customized equity plans
  • Professional development for equity
  • Data-driven equity solutions


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