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Who We Are

The team at Relentless Pursuits Unlimited is driven by one mission: to build school and district leaders' capacity to achieve significant college and career readiness and financial aid gains.

We are passionate about helping leaders implement effective strategies that lead to real results and committed to providing the support that leaders need to make lasting change in their organizations.


We empower school and district leaders to reach their highest level of success with deep, practical expertise, and solutions.


We deliver results: better practices, better strategies, and a broad college readiness and financial aid lens. 

About Me

Meet Dr. Vernell, lead trainer and founder of Relentless Pursuits Unlimited, a global personal development, educational, and entrepreneurial consulting firm that provides world-class consulting and coaching to help school leaders accelerate results and achieve organizational success.

With more than 20 years of experience as a school district leader, professional developer, and higher education and K-12 school counselor, she has helped schools and district leaders increase their college and career readiness goals and financial aid outcomes.

Dr. Vernell has severed on several local and national boards and foundations, as well as statewide and national steering and advisory committees on technology, college admissions, college preparedness, and financial aid.

CCR Challenges District and School Leaders Face

Policymakers and educators agree that postsecondary preparedness, enrollment, and attainment in the United States are critical to remain competitive in the global market.  Researchers have argued that Central school district offices across the United States face demands by educators and policymakers to ensure that students are prepared for college. The way in which central district offices respond will likely be influenced by:

Prioritization of district and school funding to address workforce and skill gaps

Training, technical support, and Board-level policies to increase college enrollment and not just ensuring students are college ready


The right strategy, systems, and skills to deliver the right results.

3 Steps to Improving Your School or District's College & Career Readiness and Financial Aid Outcomes.

Step 1

Identify Your District or School Counseling Department's Strengths and Weakness

RPU conducts an exhaustive discovery and interview process across departments, divisions, and school sites.  Dr. Vernell and her team work to truly understand your district’s culture, your challenges, and where the counseling staff is stuck.

Step 2

Facilitate & Implement Change

Utilizing RPU’s proprietary framework, Dr. Vernell and her team will custom-develop an intensive 90-day program that aligns with your district goals and state metrics.  It may include multiple workshops (both in-person and virtual) and training for counselors and school leaders, all focused on creating positive and lasting change.

Step 3

Commitment & Consistent Support

Often, a key element that’s missing in the district leader or school counselor’s ability to achieve the CCR and FA results set forth by their district office is an inconsistent commitment to support all aspects of their work.  This is where RPU can help!  Dr. Vernell and her team are available beyond the 90-days to offer key support to help counselors achieve the desired school site, district level, and statewide outcomes.

Change Begins With A Conversation

What We Do

RPU provides a variety of services to school and district leaders, all with the goal of increasing college and career readiness and financial aid outcomes for students. We offer consulting services, professional development, workshops, and coaching support to help leaders implement effective strategies in their organizations.

We also provide data analysis and support to help leaders to track progress and identify areas of need. Our data services include student tracking, college and career readiness assessments, financial aid counseling, and graduation rates.

Partnering with us means that you're committed to doing things differently to achieve different results.

While our signature service for schools and districts are 90-day multifaceted engagement consisting of discovery, coaching, training, workshops, and more, we also offer these services a la carte.

Counselor Training

Whether we are retained for one-hour, two-hours, four-hours, or multi-day workshops, RPU provides ready-to-implement strategies your team can use to start changing the CCR and FA landscape in your school or district.

School or District Consulting

School counseling support is critical to your school or district’s CCR and financial aid success.  If you’re looking to build out a long-term solution with innovative strategies to change your school or district’s college-going culture from the inside out, we can help.  Contact us today!

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