Author: drvernell08

The Myth About Marriage

When I was a little girl, I just knew I’d get married someday to a great guy who made me happy every day for the rest of my life. And sure enough, right into adulthood, I carried that idea with me.  I believed someone would come along and complete me.  And that would be it.  […]

Abstinence Vs. Celibacy, Is there a difference?

There was a time during my season of singleness, by the way, I’m still single, when God was calling me to be celibate.  In my mind, I wondered why He would ask me to be celibate when the truth was, I had not dated anyone in five years.  I wasn’t sure how much more celibate […]

Top 5-Confessions and Declarations for Healing When The Relationship Ends

I wish that I could offer a sure-fire methodology when dealing with emotional injuries sustained when your relationship ends.  But the truth is, everyone, experiences different degrees of hurt and pain, and their path to healing varies.  You cannot go through life with someone who you’ve given your entire self to without being scarred psychologically […]