My Story


Years into what I believed was a forever marriage, my life changed dramatically when I faced an unexpected and unwanted divorce. I was left raising two young children alone, suffocating under more than one million dollars in debt, and living the day-to-day aftermath of self-doubt, self-blame, and self-defeat. I spent countless days, nights, and months struggling to move beyond limiting beliefs with no relief in sight.  The burden was beyond my strength to carry—so I turned it over to God. 

God used the disruption to interrupt my life. He didn’t cause my ex-husband’s unfaithful attitude or tell him to leave me and my children while he started a life with someone else. But He did use it to lead me to my calling and divine purpose. Satan thought the loss of my marriage and my ex-husband’s departure would destroy me, and for a while, I thought so too. This detour was unexpected, not what I imagined, inconvenient, and the most painful experience of my life. I was desperate and broken. My self-worth splintered, and my life seemed to be falling apart. Everything felt barren, like a desolate wasteland. At the time, I couldn’t see anything positively divine about being in a broken state, until God stepped in the middle of my mess and stripped me of every self-indulgent, self-reliant, and self-righteous attitude that interfered with His plans for my life, all of which helped birth my ministry. What the devil meant for harm God used for good. 

In my pain, God lovingly revealed my calling – to help others move beyond their brokenness to breakthrough and step fully into the person God designed them to be.

Be encouraged and uplifted as you discover what God has called you to do.​

- Dr. Vernell

Whether you are struggling or don’t know how to move beyond emotional hurt stemming from infidelity, divorce, dating, or broken trust, or if you lost your confidence or have limiting beliefs about yourself, I want to help you gain insight on how to turn your pain into purpose.  Learn how to let God heal your pain, deliver you from destructive mindsets and behaviors, and transform you into the person He created you to be. 

Dr. Vernell is an author, speaker, published scholar, and Clarity Coach based in Los Angeles, CA. She holds an EdD in Organizational Leadership from Grand Canyon University, Masters degrees in K-12 Counseling and Higher Education from San Jose State University, and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara where she pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

Every season in your life serves a greater purpose.

- Dr. Vernell